To become a member of the Montrose Rod and Gun Club, an individual must attend our monthly meeting.  The club meets the second Tuesday of each month at our indoor range at 1211 6450 Road  (next door to the City of Montrose Shops on the Hwy 50 Bypass/San Juan Ave) at 7:00 pm. Please view our application for fees.

Your membership includes all the members of your household, however, no one under the age of eighteen (18) is authorized to use the ranges unless accompanied by an adult member.


• Look out for the other person. If someone is being unsafe, say something.
• Make sure that ALL guns (yours or someone else’s) are unloaded before going down range.
• Under no circumstances are members allowed to give out the gate combination and/or their PIN numbers to anyone outside their immediate household.
• Anyone under the age 18 must be accompanied by members over the age of 21.
• Members are allowed to bring one guest with the understanding that the member will be held responsible for any damages or injuries caused by or to themselves.
• Membership renewal starts on September 1st of each year, regardless when a member joins. We do not prorate membership. Gate combinations change on October 1st.
• Members must report any damages and unsafe conditions/situations while at MRGC facilities to one of the board members. Also, members need to report any equipment that is broke or needs to be replaced.
• Members must pick up their trash, brass, targets and any other items that they have placed on the range. Please leave the range clean. If trash cans are full, please empty them in the dumpsters.
• Members must lock the gate as they enter unless there is a scheduled event. Members that leave the gate open may be responsible for the damages that someone else has caused. Members must also lock the gate as they leave.
• NO chairs, tables, rifles, or any other property belonging to MRGC shall be removed from the range without permission from one of the board members. Do not donate items or drop off items unless approved by a board member.
• NO classes should be held at MRGC facilities for personal financial gain. All classes and events must be club sponsored or voted and approved by the members at a monthly meeting.
• NO alcohol or drugs allowed on either range.
• Eye and ear protection are required at all times.


The Indoor Range is limited to the following calibers:

  • Pistols/Revolvers: .22short, long, and long rifle; 25 ACP; 30 Luger; 30 Mauser; 32 Short Colt; 32 Long Colt; 32-20 Win.; 38 Auto; 380 Auto; 9 x 18 Makarov; 9mm Luger (9mm); 38 Special; 38 S&W; 38-40 Win.; 40 S&W; 41 Special; 44-40 Win.; 44 Special; 45 ACP; 45 Auto Rim; 45 Colt.
    • NO Magnums or magnum type loads
    • Calibers allowed using lead or jackets bullets, NO +p loads!
      • 380 ACP, 9 mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP
    • Lead bullets only calipers
      • Lead bullets limited to 1000 fps or less with bullet weight up to 250 grains. Bullet weight of 251 or more limited to 900 fps or less.
  • Rifles: .22 Short, Long, Long Rifle; 38 Special; 45 L.C., 45 ACP 30 carbine, 32-20, 300 blackout 32 long, 38-40, 41 special, 44 special. 44-40.
    • Calibers above 0.360” bullet diameter and 250 bullet weight ARE limited to 1,000 feet per second muzzle velocity or less. If over 300 gr. bullet weight, muzzle velocity is limited to 900 feet per second or less. Maximum bullet weight is 350 gr.
    • Pistols/Revolvers may be fired from the 50 foot line to within 20 feet (red line on floor) of the target line. CAUTION must be used because of potential bullet back splash.
    • Only paper targets are to be used and are to be placed in the white target area ONLY.
    • DO NOT SHOOT HOLES IN THE CEILING. Keep the muzzle always pointed down range.
    • Members are encouraged to take guests to the outdoor range instead of the indoor range.
    • Upon leaving the range, members must turn off lights and the ventilation system.

•Berms located on the west side of the range are limited to PISTOLS/REVOLVERS and .22 L.R. Rifles ONLY, unless members have Cowboy weapons and loads. High-powered rifles (including .223 and 5.56) and shotguns using slugs ARE NOT allowed.
•Target stands are located on the rifle range storage area.

• Pistol caliber carbines are allowed in the berms.

Rifle Range
o There are steel fixed targets are located at 98 yds, 165 yds, 227 yds, 328 yds, 417 yds, 499 yds and 565 yds. There are other targets available. Chicken at 22 yds, pig at 300 yds, deer at 345 yds, bear at 345 yds, turkey at 385 yds, buffalo at 499 yds and ram at 567 yds.
o Target stands, rests and benches are located in the storage area on east side. Combination to the equipment storage area is the same as the game combination. Replace equipment when finished and lock the door.
o Targets stands are used for rifle and pistol shooting only. No shotguns.
o Sound one blast if going down range to alert shooters on pistol berms and shotgun range that someone is going down range. Wait until shooting has stopped. Sound two blasts when it is safe to shoot again. Be considerate. Bring target back to line to study it.

Shotgun Range:
o Shotgun range has scheduled times. Refer to the club calendar on the website for dates and times.
o There is a pattern plate at the shotgun range for members to shoot shotgun.
o Shotgun range rules are governed by shotgun chief range officers.


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