Indoor Range

The indoor range is located at 1211 6450 Road in the City of Montrose.  This is a heated and lighted facility for shooting non-magnum pistols and .22 L.R. caliber rifles indoors.  The indoor range also doubles as the MRGC meeting facility.

The indoor range is firearm and caliber restricted.

  • Pistols/Revolvers: .22short, long, and long rifle; 25 ACP; 30 Luger; 30 Mauser; 32 Short Colt; 32 Long Colt; 32-20 Win.; 38 Auto; 380 Auto; 9 x 18 Makarov; 9mm Luger (9mm); 38 Special; 38 S&W; 38-40 Win.; 40 S&W; 41 Special; 44-40 Win.; 44 Special; 45 ACP; 45 Auto Rim; 45 Colt.
    • NO Magnums or magnum type loads
    • Calibers allowed using lead or jackets bullets, NO +p loads!
      • 380 ACP, 9 mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP
    • Lead bullets only calipers
      • Lead bullets limited to 1000 fps or less with bullet weight up to 250 grains.  Bullet weight of 251 or more limited to 900 fps or less.
      • Rifles: .22 Short, Long, Long Rifle; 38 Special; 45 L.C., 45 ACP 30 carbine, 32-20, 300 blackout 32 long, 38-40, 41 special, 44 special. 44-40.
    • Calibers above 0.360” bullet diameter and 250 bullet weight ARE limited to 1,000 feet per second muzzle velocity or less. If over 300 gr. bullet weight, muzzle velocity is limited to 900 feet per second or less. Maximum bullet weight is 350 gr.
      • Shotguns: STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Pistols/Revolvers may be fired from the 50 foot line to within 20 feet (red line on floor) of the target line. CAUTION must be used because of potential bullet back splash.
  • Only paper targets are to be used and are to be placed in the white target area ONLY.
  • DO NOT SHOOT HOLES IN THE CEILING. Keep the muzzle always pointed down range.
  • Members are encouraged to take guests to the outdoor range instead of the indoor range.
  • Upon leaving the range, members must turn off lights and the ventilation system.